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What makes for a unicorn in the Rx value chain? Part 1: CoverMyMeds

Over the past ten years, retail Rx networks have matured and the winners have emerged.  As we look forward to the next five to ten years, and as specialty drugs emerge as the dominant category,  the question arises whether the specialty … Read More

Shifts in $283B specialty pharma market present big opportunities

Within the $283 billion specialty pharma market, one critical but inefficient niche – specialty patient services –  has become an open target for disruption. A reckoning looms in 2022 for the beleaguered patient services sector, as two competing and unsustainable … Read More

Top Takeaways from the 2020 HUB, SPP & eServices Conference

The 2020 HUB, SPP, eServices Conference was no less informative in its COVID-19 friendly digital format.  And of all the conferences this season, this one touches on more areas where technology and connectivity can make significant impact on the patient … Read More

Beyond the App: HelpAround and ConnectiveRx Transform Specialty Patient Connectivity Through Mobile

Our mission at HelpAround has always been to make patients’ lives easier, and this vision just took another major step forward. HelpAround and ConnectiveRx announced a partnership that makes it easier for specialty brands to provide patients access to the … Read More

5 Takeaways from the PAP 2020 Conference

The annual Patient Assistance & Access Programs (PAP) 2020 Conference looked a little different this year. In response to COVID19, this year’s theme was improving prescription access and affordability for patients across all therapies.  As conference participants with our own … Read More

Specialty Patient Continuity Webinar Rewatch

In this exclusive webinar, five specialty pharma industry experts shared their unique perspectives on the opportunities and risks for Specialty Patient Continuity in a post-pandemic landscape. They discuss pain-points, failures and successes, tools and tech that are working, and insider secrets you won’t want to miss. … Read More

Social Distancing? Not in Specialty Patient Support Communities

Specialty patients’ success on treatment relies heavily on the care and attention they receive. Chronic conditions and complex treatment protocols require multiple layers of support to help patients stay on track and optimize their treatment outcomes. High-touch support is even more … Read More

COVID-19 Opportunities to Improve Specialty Patient Experience

COVID-19 is quickly and dramatically changing our world. The healthcare industry is the tip of the spear in fighting the pandemic, but the industry is also experiencing some of the most rapid and far-reaching changes. For specialty pharma, our response … Read More

Making the Patient’s Life Easier

We all know that specialty medication presents a unique set of challenges for the patient. Just receiving the first dose is met with difficulty for up to 60% of patients.2 The specialty pharmaceutical industry is doing some really good work … Read More

HelpAround shows 50% improvement in patient retention – new case study

Facing significant drop-off rates, specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers are turning to HelpAround to address the last mile patient experience. As one of the first mobile health platforms for the $219B specialty drug industry, HelpAround guides patients through complex treatments by streamlining … Read More