RxWare Patient Journey Gateway

Activate your new patients

Before the Hub

30-60% of patients never reach the hub. Bridge the abandonment gap with Post-Rx Activation.

What we offer

Introducing the
Patient Journey GATEWAY

The only patient journey solution that provides a vendor-neutral, digital infrastructure for drug manufacturers to streamline, accelerate, and optimize the entire patient journey.

Holistic Connectivity

From NRx to Adherence, connect everything in the Gateway

Starting with the eRx in the clinic, integrate patient messaging, obtaining consent, hub services, SPs, and more through the Patient Journey Gateway.

Developer friendly

Smart, powerful APIs

Backed by comprehensive documentation, the Patient Journey Gateway is fast to implement, often reducing development time from weeks to hours and patient onboarding time from weeks to minutes.

Compliance approved

Reviewed, Tested, and Regulatory Approved.

We only work in the pharmaceutical industry so we understand compliance—every program is created with the MLR in mind.

How we help

Your Patient Journey;
exactly how you want it

For too long the patient journey has been dictated by the capabilities and whims of their vendors. It's time pharma took back control.

Vendor Agnostic

Flexibility is our middle name. Connect all your separate vendors through the Gateway for easy connectivity across the entire enterprise

Cross Platform

Whether you have API, SMS, or carrier pigeon, the Patient Journey Gateway manages all of your connectivity.

Easy Integrations

Tech Whiz or Technophobe, our customer success team walks you through the entire process from kick-off to launch.


At the clinic, on the computer, or getting ready for bed, we meet the patient wherever they happen to be.

Fully Customizable

With an easy-to-use library of templates, you can ensure your patient experience looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Built for Scale

Designed from the ground-up to handle nearly infinite data points separately and distinctly across millions of users.

[RxWare] was one of the smartest things we've done to support the launch of our product. It was an innovation within patient services that made a measurable impact on the launch.

Director of Patient Services
Rare Pediatric Disease Brand
Connect and sync

Easily integrate with all of your important vendors

Designed with connectivity in mind, our vendor agnostic approach means that you no longer have to worry if compatibility will be an issue.

While SMS is offered in the Patient Journey Gateway, it is only one of a series of tools and services available. The Gateway is a platform solution that combines and automates both tools and vendor services to let brands get the information they need to/from patients, HCPs and FRMs quickly and easily on whatever channel fits within their workflow. The Patient Journey Gateway also offers a library of experiences that  facilitate a low-interaction load for users so they can get back to whatever else they were doing once they have completed the target task.

The Patient Journey Gateway is NOT a mobile app. It is a digital connectivity solution specific to the pharma industry. On top of this gateway, we facilitate the patient journey though a web-based interface that has been optimized for use on a mobile device and can be accessed through SMS deep links or a desktop computer in addition to a smart phone.

We understand the decision to transition hubs is a delicate time. Engaging the Patient Journey Gateway prior to or during a transition creates a patient safety net to avoid losing valuable patients.

Whether it’s a MLR, PRB, PRC or another acronym, you can rest assured all user-facing materials are prepped and ready for your legal and regulatory team’s review.Our customer success team can even help walk them through the process based on what we seem being used elsewhere in the industry. 

RxWare, created to be vendor-agnostic, is integrated with many of the top vendors in the pharmaceutical space (hub services, CRMs, SPs, etc) with more added regularly. 

The Patient Journey Gateway is utilized for connecting patients to support and to affordability programs across a range of therapeutic areas, such as respiratory disease, oncology, rare inherited genetic conditions, infectious disease/HIV, nephrology, neurology and more. 

The Patient Journey Gateway is regularly audited internally, by clients, and by independent third parties. We are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and are a member of the Privacy Shield framework. More information on the specifics of our InfoSec policies are available upon request.

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